Uriah Travers

Vampyric Abomination


A tall imposing man, with a serious brow and piercing grey eyes. His hair is medium length and lank, often laced with the grime of the surrounding bayou. On the few times he has ventured away from the more natural areas of New Orleans, he has worn a rough pair of jeans, hiking boots and a red and blue lumberjack-style shirt.

His demeanour is incredibly serious, although he is prone to distraction, often turning his head as if sensing some unknown scent or sound.

Wounds seem to close extra fast, even for a vampire using blood to heal, it also appears to take no visible concentration or effort to achieve this.

Generally he treats himself and other vampires as disdainful, and seem to prefer the loner life.


Not much is known about Uriah Travers, except that he is definitely unique amongst the kindred of New Orleans, if indeed, he could be considered kindred at all. Uriah Travers claims to be an abomination. Half-vampire and half-werewolf. If this were true, he would be the first known case of such a creature. However, people have found it quite hard to disagree with Uriah once he has assumed his massive Garou-like form. He claims the the Southern Bayou of New Orleans as his domain, and not many Vampires or Werewolves, or any entity for that matter have sought to dispute this fact. As he at least half Vampire, he still never appears during daylight. Werewolves seem to tolerate his prescence more than they would other Kindred, but still, as he does, considers Uriah an un-natural abberation, even amongst the supernatural community.

He has inhabited New Orleans for the last forty-two years at least, and although he stays away from normal social interactions, his knowledge of the city is unsurpassed, save except for powerful Nosferatu and the Prince himself. Though he keeps many secrets, none seem to be kept from him. In desperate hours, kindred have been known to seek his advice, but only as a last resort. Uriah Travers does not take well to being disturbed and has treated many young and cocky Kindred to an express journey to the True Death. All attempts to bring him to justice for breaking any of the traditions have seemingly been met with failure, to the extent that modern policy is to warn others about him, and if they do not heed these warnings, then the Prince or authority can at least say: “They were warned.”

His status as half-vampire and half-werewolf, has attracted him no small amount of fame amongst America’s supernatural communities. However, from these stories, people have also learned not to disturb his solitude. He is a hunter without compare.

Uriah Travers

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