Scarlett Forte


Name: Scarlett Forte
Age: 22(physical) 28(technical)
Originally from: Virginia
Parents: Marianna Forte (heiress to shipping empire on east coast), John Forte (Congressman/senator)
Sire: Jonas Hamilton

The eldest child of her family, Scarlett was born to privilege. Her mother was herself an only child and heir to the Forte shipping empire, which she managed with ruthless efficiency as Scarlett’s grandfather deteriorated in his old age. Her father was congressman for the largest district in Virginia, with aspirations towards a Senate seat. She was brought up by her mother and a succession of governesses to follow in her mother’s footsteps- both her parents were older and did not expect any more children, a disappointment to her father who had wanted a son. It was a cutthroat environment to live in, with the young girl learning early on to value business and ruthlessness over emotional connection. As such she was often described by others as cold and uncomfortably mature for a child. She conformed exactly to what was expected of her, completely anticipating being the family heir.

This changed when she was seven and her mother became unexpectedly pregnant in her forties. Her father was in the process of running for Senate, and the promotion of family values combined with the son he’d always wanted gained him that extra push to win the seat. Baby Warner was born soon after he won the seat. The child was premature and weak, but he was the family pride. Scarlett was pushed to one side, for which she harboured a simmering resentment.
Two years later the family was struck by tragedy. A phone call to the maid who was bathing the toddler resulted in her leaving the boy. The coroner’s report later stated that he had attempted to follow her, but had slipped whilst climbing out the bath, hit his head and drowned. It almost destroyed her father’s health and effectively ended the Forte marriage. Although her parents remained together for another six years they became increasingly distant and cold. John spent all his time at work or out socialising, and Marianna drew ever closer to her remaining child, much to his resentment.

The revelation of an alcohol addiction and an affair with a New York socialite finally destroyed the marriage, as well as John’s continued term as a Senator. Marianna filed for divorce and removed all the income and support she had been providing her husband with. It emerged she had been bankrolling him for years and the change to his way of life destroyed his already fragile mind. At the proceedings he accused his daughter of murdering his son and his wife conspiring against him for years. He was not granted custody, and it was arranged that he would be put into a psychiatric institute until he could be proven of healthy mind again. Little did he know, he had been entirely right.

Scarlett had grown up into a beautiful and charming young woman, far from her uncanny youth. She was confident and intelligent, although as with many young socialites had a propensity for partying and a certain disregard for rules. She flitted between classes, eventually studying political law and finance to appease her mother. She also had a knack for language that her mother had encouraged with intentions to expand to the West coast and potentially Asia. It was at a party that she was approached by Jonas. He was aware of her status and made her an offer, which she accepted on the condition she could choose the time- she was only twenty and had not yet come into her trust fund or graduated. It was agreed that she would be turned once both conditions had been fulfilled.

She was turned a few days after her 22nd birthday, having already graduated. Her sire recommended that she spend as little time as possible around family at the beginning to avoid harming them, so she decided to travel America and Europe. During this time she gained a new perspective on life and her lack of it. It was only later, after she had been turned that she discovered Jonas’ greater motivation as a member of the board of directors on her family company, along with the true extent of the vampire community’s grasp of the world she had known. It was a shock to her system that something which she had thought she had known so well was suddenly alien to her. Her childhood personality resurfaced, and she became rather detached and cold once more, although perfectly charming when so inclined.

Scarlett is still on good terms with her mother, speaking over the phone occasionally and returning home for some holidays. She has not seen her father for several years since he left the institute, with him still being convinced as to her hand in his son’s murder and determined to make her pay for it. He has reclaimed some of his former position, with the supporters of his cause and viewpoints helping him get re-elected to congress a few years ago. Scarlett has been in New Orleans for just over two years, first with family manservant Regisse who had accompanied her for the last six years and now with bodyguard and ghoul Frank after Regisse’s demise. Her original intention ws to lay low for a while under her mother’s advice to avoid her father’s reach and supporters, and she reasoned he would not expect her to live in a backwater like Louisiana. This has not proved true however…

Scarlett Forte

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